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Sri Venkatesa Mangalam
Sri U.Ve.Varadachari Sadagopan
Sri Venkateswara with Ubhaya Nachiyars@
MangalAsAsanam is a tradition by which a grateful devotee hails the
Lord and wishes Him all MangaLams or auspiciousness. PeriyAzhwAr's ThiruppallaANDu (wishing long life to the Lord) belongs to this category.

Although it is rather absurd for a mere mortal to wish long life to the all powerful and eternal God , this act or gesture or impulse has to be understood in the context of a concerned devotee , who worries about any harm coming to the Lord from evil-minded beings. In this vein, Sri VenkatEsa MangaLam (MangalAsAsanam) has to be understood as the deep and pious expression of
gratitude of a dear BhakthA , who was belessed to perform prapatthi to the Lord of Venkatam hills through his Sri VenaktEsa Prapatthi . The author of the Prapatthi , MangaLam and SuprabhAtham for Sri VenkatEsa is Sri PrathivAdhi Bhayankaram ANNaa , (P.B.ANNaa) is one of the celebrated eight principal
disciples of the revered AchAryan ,Sri MaNavAla MaamunigaL .
It is interesting to note that Sri P.B.ANNaa's Acharyan, Sri MaNavALa MaamunigaL and the bard of ThiruvEnkatam , TaaLapaakkam ANNamAryA had deep links to Sri Adhi vaNN SatakOpar , the First Jeeyar of Ahobila Matam. SvAmi MaNavALa MaamunigaL was initiated into SanyAsAsramam by the First Jeeyar of the Ahobila Matam ; ANNamAryA performed prapatthi and received Nrusimha manthrOpadEsam from the very same Adhi VaNN SatakOpa Jeeyar. All the fourteen MangaLAsAsana slOkams for the Chathurdasa BhuvanEsvaran , Sri VenkatEsan , conclude with the refrain of "Sri VenaktEsAya MangaLam " or "SrinivAsAya managaLam ". It is appropriate to remember that it was AchArya RaamAnujA , who gave the name of "SrinivAsan" to the Lord of ThiruvEnkatam .
AdiyEn will now summarize the general meaning of each of these
fourteen moving MangaLAsAsana SlOkams . A great deal can be written about the depth of meaning of each of the NaamAs that Sri P.B.ANNA chose
to perform his Naama-KusumAnjali in this MangaLAsAsanam. AdiyEn will conclude these postings with an archanA for Sri VenkatEsA from the naamAs
used by Sri P.B.ANNA in his benedictory Sri Sookthi , Sri VenaktEsa MangaLAsAsanam .
(1) Sriya: KaanthAya KalyANa NidhayEarthinAm
Sri VenkatanivAsAya SrinivAsAya MangaLam
May all auspiciousness shower on SrinivAsA of Venkatagiri! He is the
Lord of Lakshmi and is the rich mine of all auspiciousness. He is the immeasurable wealth for all those , who seek Him .He has chosen the
Venkatam hills for Hiseternal residence .
(2) LakshmI-savibhramaalOka subhrU-vibhrama chakshushE
ChakshushE sarvalOkAnAm VenkatEsAya mangaLam
May all auspiciousness shower on Sri VenkatEsA , the eye of all the
Universes ! Over the eyes are His beautiful eyebrows and over them
is His endearing forehead region .When Sri MahA Lakshmi ,His divine
consort , glances at this beautiful face of Sri VenaktEsA , She Herself
is dismayed and overcome by the matchless beauty of Her Lord's face .
(3) SrivenakatAdhri SrungAgra MangaLAbharaNaangrayE
MangaLAnAm-nivAsaya SrinivAsAya mangaLam
The divine feet of Sri VenaktEsA adorn the peak of the Thiruvenkatam
hills. These feet empower the Thiruppathi hills to become a source of all blesisngs to the devotees of SrinivAsA . Let the world's Supreme
auspiciousness come the way of Sri VenkatEsA .
(4) sarvaavayava soundharya sampadhA sarva-chEthasAm
SadhA sammOhanAyAsthu VenkatEsAya mangaLam
There is no one on this earth , who has not been overcome by the supreme
beauty of Lord VenkatEsA . Every one of His limbs are celebrated for
their unmatchable beauty. It is no wonder He enchants His devotees with
His soundharyam . Let no evil eye fall on Him and let the world's supreme auspiciousness come His way .
(5) NithyAya NiravadhyAya sathyAnantha-chidhAthmanE
SarvantharAthmanE Sri VenkatEsAya MangaLam
Lord VenkatEswarA is the embodiment of the five supreme principles celebrated by the Upanishads.These are Satyathvam ( eternal truth) , Jn~Athvam ( True Knowledge), Anantathvam ( Eternal presence), Amalathvam (blemishlesness) and Aanandhathvam ( Eternal Bliss ). Sri VenkatEsA is the Parabrahmam in whom all the above five attributes find their home. He is the One , who is resident in the heart lotus of all living beings . Let no harm come to Him and may he be blessed with all auspiciousness!
(6) svathas sarvavidhE sarvasakthyE sarvasEshiNE
SulabhAya SuseelAya VenkatEsAya MangaLam
Lord VenkatEsA comprehends every thing without anyone's help. He is Omnipresent.He is the residual force after every thing is destroyed by the supreme deluge (PraLayam). He is easy to reach .He has the most auspicious
guNAs. Let all blessings befall Sri VenkatEsA !
(7) parasmai BrahmaNE poorNakaamAya ParamAthmanE
prayunjE paratatthvAya VenkatEsAya mangaLam
Wherever the Upanishads use the word "Para Brahman", they have in mind Sriman NaarAyaNan , who stands on top of the ThiruvEnaktam hills as SrinivAsan. There is nothing that He can not attain , when He desires it.
He is all powerful .There is no one in any world , who can disobey His
command without incurring His wrath. No atom vibrates in this Universe
without His empowerment . Let all auspiciousness befall Lord venkatEsA of Thirumalai-Thiruppathi hills !
(8) akAla tatthvam-asrAntham aathmAnam anupasyathAm
athrupthyAmrutha -roopAya VenkatEsAya MangaLam

Lord VenkatEsA is celebrated for the divine beauty of His archA vigraham worshipped at Thirumalai. He is also revered for His attributes as well as His
Aathma svarUpam or Para Brahmam aspects. There has never been any one in the past or present , who have been satiated from looking at the matchless physical beauty or thinking about His incomparable anantha kalyANa guNAs.In future also , it is unlikely that we would meet any one , who will fully understand
he Sri VenkatEsa Tatthvam or Svaroopam .Let all MangaLAs accumulate and reach the divine feet of Lord VenkatEsA !

(9) prAya: svacharaNou pumsAm SaraNyathvEna paaNinA
krupayA disathE Sri VenaktEsAya MangaLam

Lord VenkatEsA ! Your right hand has a varadha mudhrA (gesture). That gesture points to the direction of Your divine feet. It appears that this mudhrA reveals Your secret that Your holy feet are the sole means for deliverance from the ills of samsArA through the act of surrender (SaraNAgathi) unto them. Let allMangaLAs come Your way as the revealer of SaraNAgathi rahasyam out of Your infinite mercy through this mudhrA !

(10) dayAmrutha tarangiNyAs-tarangair iva seethaLa:
apAngais sinjathE visvam VenkatEsAya MangaLm

Lord VenkatEsA looks at the world with His eyes full of infinite mercy and compasssion. The world and its denizens respond with supreme joy ;their
happiness is comparable to the joy resulting from repeated immersions in a wave-laden river of nectar . The world and its lives are rejuvenated and energized by the power of that merciful look . Let all MangaLAs fall on the supreme abode of DayA , Sri VenkatEsA !

(11) srag-bhUshaNaambara -hEthinAm sushumAvahamoorthayE
sarvArthi-samanAyAsthu VenkatEsAya MangaLam

Lord VenkatEsA has the most beautiful body , which is adorned by
fragrant garlands , powerful weapons and lovely clothes. He wipes
out the sorrows of allof His devotees. Let all auspiciousness shower
onthe beautiful ThirumEni of Sri VenkatEsA !

(12) Srivaikunta-virakthAya SvAmi PushkaraNI-thatE
RamayA ramamANAya VenkatEsAya MangaLam

Sriman NaarAyaNaa got tired of His abode in Sri Vaikuntam
and abandoned it in favor of a new residence on the banks of Swami PushkaraNi at Thirumalai. There , He has incarnated as Sri VenkatEsA
and protects forever His dear devotees; there, He also sports with Sri
MahA Lakshmi and has given Her a preferred seat of residence on His
chest and thereby acquired the name of SrinivAsan . Let all MangaLams
befall SrinivAsA of Swami PushkaraNi!

(13) Srimath Sundara-jaamAthru muni maanasa-vaasinE
Sarvaloka nivAsAya SrinivAsaaya MangaLam

Sri VenkatEsA resides in the heart lotus of great BhakthAs like Sri
MaNavALa MaamunigaL. He is the indweller(antharyAmi) of all living beings.
Let all auspiciousness come the way of Sri VenkatEsA , who is the succor and sustenance of all BhaagavathAs !

(14) MangaLAsAsana-parair-madhAchArya -purOgamai:
sarvaisccha poorvair-AachAryai:sathkruthAyAsthu MangaLam

All of my AchAryAs (preceptors) , their AchAryAs and the other
AchAryAs have sung the glory of Sri VenkatEsA's auspicious attributes
from time immemorial . AdiyEn's praise of His KalyANa guNAs is therefore nothing new and does not represent an isolated act.AdiyEn joins with my AchAryAs and predecessors in wishing Sri VenkatEsA all auspiciousness!

Subhamasthu ,
OppilA-appan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan
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